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Welcome to Ard Sunflower Crèche

Sunflower Crèche was established in 2003. We are a community not-for-profit crèche. Our main aim is to offer affordable quality Childcare.

Our first priority is for positive interactions at all times. We encourage children to, think, feel, ask and explore. We provide a child led, fun, safe, warm, interesting environment where children have room and time to explore and be creative.

We aim to develop and instil the children’s feelings of self esteem and self worth. With our Childcare experience, we will be able to provide challenging and developmentally appropriate experiences at group and individual levels. We feel that open communication between parents and staff facilitates our aims and makes for a more homely atmosphere. Above all, we believe that children thrive best in a caring environment which is what we are striving to achieve at all times.

We provide an extensive range of creative and imaginative play activities on which we hope our children will build a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.

We give praise and encouragement in an atmosphere where positive behaviour is promoted.

We are committed to the nurture of each child’s unique qualities and potential.

Ard Sunflower Crèche is primarily a place for learning and discovery.

The staff understands that PLAY is central to integrated learning. Fundamental concern is given to the health and safety and wellbeing of each child. Care and learning are inseparable, and occur non stop throughout the day.

Ard Sunflower Crèche is committed to developing a curriculum that creates a child centered, play based environment which enables children to actively pursue their own learning. Based on the principles of child development the curriculum is balanced, responsive and flexible which takes into account the holistic development of the child. This process will be facilitated by committed well- trained staff through warm, supportive and respectful relationships. Parents are recognized as the primary educators of the child.

Continuous monitoring of outcomes, assessments of programmes and child observations assist in the planning of the curriculum monthly. The daily routine offers opportunities for spontaneous learning, structured adult led activities and activities initiated by the children. Outcomes are recorded and samples of children’s work filed each month.